Ajman celebrates UAE’s Martyr Day and 45th National Day
Date 04/12/2016

The Carnival Trucks

Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) celebrated UAE Martyr's Day on November 30, a national event which pays tribute to the martyrs of the UAE, homeland of the braves who sacrificed their lives to honor their beloved country and its leadership.


The ATDD staff observed a minute of silent prayer for the souls of the martyrs of the nation, raised the flag, and performed the national anthem at both Ajman Corniche and Ajman Museum.


HE Faisal Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department said: "We stand today to commemorate and glorify our great martyrs who traced their victory, love and loyalty to this country with pride, and sent us a noble message that will  circulate among current and future generations to show them the love of the country, and to give them the noblest and greatest example of sacrifice for the nations' duty calls, as well as to maintain their patriotic principles and values they grew up with in the land of the beloved Emirates."


On the 45th National Day celebrations, ATDD also organized many distinctive events in various areas of the Emirate; among them the Time Capsule that was launched from Mozeiraa city in an official ceremony with the attendance of a large audience, and continued its route to Ajman city, where the Safiya and Flag Parks witnessed the participation of a large number of public and leadership figures of the emirate, along with locals and residents who wrote and recorded their visions of Ajman and the United Emirates after five years from now – which will coincide with the golden jubilee of the Union.


The Time Capsule was designed to be part of the historical and social heritage of the emirate, and the anticipation of the UAE's future which will show that history defied itself and achieved all what is impossible, and consistently sought to be ahead of nations and achieved the highest standards of development, progress and prosperity.


On the Time Capsule, Saud Abdul Aziz Al Jasmi, Head of the National Day Events committee in ATDD, said: "The Time Capsule event was launched to witness the great and continuous development of the Emirate of Ajman and UAE.  Our country represented by our wise leadership has proven that this development has no boundaries, and that persistence and work are the most prominent features of the next phase. The next generations will also witness the achievements of these ambitions and visions, and we will all be together in the service of the union's project founded by HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan, may God rest his soul in peace, and continue under the leadership of HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed, may God protect him, and his brothers rulers of the Emirates, may God protect them, to work to enhance our country's name and place among the nations."


The Time Capsule was buried under ground with all its public letters and participations at the Ajman Museum since December 3, and will be taken out and opened in conjunction with the celebration of the golden jubilee of the Union in 2021. The Time Capsule will be part of the national archive that witnessed the UAE's development achieved by its leaders and citizens. Future generations will see the visions and ambitions realized and accomplished as well.


ATDD also launched the Carnival trucks on the National Day, where four trucks carried participants in folk dances, and drove at different areas of Ajman heading to Corniche Ajman. The bands performed the most beautiful national songs. The audience also interacted and enjoyed watching live Emirati popular dances and local tribes groups performances that represent the rich and charming heritage of the country. The trucks were decorated with UAE flags and slogans of the union's spirit. The trucks performances were presented on the first and second day of December.​

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